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Precision Oncology Clinic, the best center for Comprehensive Cancer Treatment in Bangalore. Led by the best oncologists in Bangalore, Dr. Vivek Belathur, Dr. Bharath G, and Dr.Shamsundhar. 

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Surgical oncologists Treatment in Bangalore

What is Surgical oncology?

Surgical oncologists are relatively trained surgeons who specialize within the analysis and remedy of most cancers via surgical interventions. Their primary goal is to put off cancerous tumors and surrounding tissues whilst retaining as plenty healthful tissue and organ function as possible. In the ever-evolving landscape of present day medication, surgical oncology stands as a beacon of hope for those fighting cancer. This specialized area combines the precision of surgical techniques with a deep information of oncology to provide sufferers with comprehensive care. From early-degree diagnoses to complex tumor removals, surgical oncologists play a pivotal role in the combat against most cancers.

Role of Surgical Oncologist:

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery: Surgical oncology has witnessed a paradigm shift with the advent of minimally invasive techniques together with laparoscopy and robot surgical operation. These methods provide smaller incisions, reduced pain, shorter healing times, and improved beauty consequences. Patients revel in less trauma, permitting them to return to their ordinary lives faster.
  • Precision Medicine: Advances in genetics and molecular profiling have brought about customized remedy plans. Surgical oncologists can now tailor remedies based on a affected person’s genetic makeup and the precise traits of their cancer, increasing treatment effectiveness and decreasing side effects.
  • Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: In breast cancer and cancer cases, sentinel lymph node biopsy is used to identify the first lymph node that most cancers is probable to spread to. This minimizes the quantity of lymph node dissection, reducing the chance of lymphedema and improving affected person outcomes.
  • Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapies: Surgical oncologists are an increasing number of operating in tandem with clinical oncologists to combine immunotherapy and targeted remedies into treatment plans. These treatments beautify the frame’s immune response and in particular goal most cancers cells, leading to higher outcomes in instances like melanoma and lung cancer.
  • Intraoperative Imaging: Cutting-edge imaging technology like intraoperative MRI and fluorescence-guided surgical operation permit surgical oncologists to visualize tumors and their margins in actual-time. This ensures more particular tumor elimination and decreases the probabilities of leaving in the back of cancerous tissue.

Types of Surgical Oncology:

  • Tumor Resection: Surgical removal of the primary tumor, which is often the first step in cancer treatment.
  • Lymph Node Dissection: Removal of lymph nodes to determine cancer spread and to prevent its further dissemination.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: Restoring the appearance and function of affected body parts after cancer removal, such as breast reconstruction after mastectomy.
  • Cytoreductive Surgery: Reducing the tumor burden to improve the effectiveness of other treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • Organ Transplants: In select cases, organ transplants may be performed for patients with organ-specific cancers.


Surgical oncology is a dynamic and rapidly advancing discipline that performs a pivotal position in the combat against most cancers. With revolutionary techniques and a personalized method to remedy, surgical oncologists are at the forefront of turning in effective, minimally invasive, and affected person-targeted care. As research maintains to amplify our knowledge of most cancers biology, the destiny of it holds even greater promise in enhancing effects and presenting desire to sufferers and their households.

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