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Precision Oncology Clinic, the best center for Comprehensive Cancer Treatment in Bangalore. Led by the best oncologists in Bangalore, Dr. Vivek Belathur, Dr. Bharath G, and Dr.Shamsundhar. 

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Comprehensive Cancer Treatment

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Pain is the most common complaint among those who have runner’s knee.


Pain is the most common complaint among those who have runner’s knee.


Pain is the most common complaint among those who have runner’s knee.

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Cancer Treatment in Bangalore

Precision Oncology Clinic, the best center for Comprehensive Cancer Treatment in Bangalore. Led by top oncologists in Bangalore, Dr. Vivek Belathur, Dr. Bharath G, and Dr.Shamsundhar. 

Our specialized oncologists collaborate closely, employing the latest research and diagnostic tools to create personalized treatment strategies. Focusing on patient well-being, we aim to empower and support individuals and their families throughout their cancer journey. At our clinic, compassion and expertise converge for holistic cancer care.

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Our Specialties

medical oncology

Medical Oncology & Hematology

surgical oncology

Surgical Oncology

radiation oncology

Radiation Oncology

Cancer Specialists in Bangalore

Dr Bharath G

Dr. Bharath G

Surgical Oncology


Dr. Shamsundar

Radiation Oncology

Dr. Vivek Belathur

Dr. Vivek Belathur

Medical Oncology and Hematology

Cancer Treatment Options

Discover a range of cancer treatment options at the Precision Oncology Clinic. We carry out quick cancer diagnosis and structured cancer treatment plans for better outcomes. Helping us to implement comprehensive treatment options such as Radiation Therapy, Surgery, Targeted Therapy, Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy, Bone Marrow Transplantation, and Immunotherapy.
Each approach to treatment for cancer is different and personalized for each patient. Tumors are removed surgically, providing localized therapy. Targeted therapy focuses on particular type of  cancer. Finally, healthy cells are substituted for damaged marrow through bone marrow transplantation.

At Precision Oncology Clinic you will find the best oncologist in Bangalore, who are specialized for personalized cancer treatment to fight against cancer. Our clinic offers a wide range of cancer treatment in Bangalore, individualized care, and support for each person’s well defined cancer journey.

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Common Cancers

Cancer tumors may originate anywhere in the human body and from any source. Cancer can be treated better if its diagnosed initially. Each type of cancer is necessarily diagnosed and treated, from surgery to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Understanding the type and stage of cancers by their specific locations aids in targeted therapies, strengthening, investing, and providing effective treatments and improved patient outcomes. At Precision Oncology Clinic, the best cancer  hospital in Bangalore, we closely work with patient to understand and treat better.

Cancers commonly seen in men are Oral, Gastrointestinal, Lymph Nodes, Lung, Stomach, Liver, Leukemia, Colon, Bladder, and  Prostate. 

Cancer seen commonly in women are Oral, Lymph Nodes, Breast, Thyroid, Lung, Stomach, Liver, Leukemia, Colon, Bladder, Uterine, Ovarian, and Cervical Cancer.

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Cancer Symptoms

Cancer symptoms vary widely, but noticing them early can lead to better treatment. Look for signs like unexplained weight loss, persistent fatigue, or unusual bleeding. Pay attention to changes in urination or unexpected lumps in your body, especially in the breast area. Bowel habit changes or coughing blood shouldn’t be ignored. Also, seek advice if breathing causes pain or if moles alter suddenly.

Early detection and diagnosis increases the chances of successful and effective treatment. Regular self-checks and medical screenings are essential. Don’t neglect if you notice any of these symptoms. Consult a physician and oncologist soon.

Remember, early identification offers a better chance for effective treatment against cancer.

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Patients Treated

Overcoming cancer’s toughest battles with unwavering courage, our patients find hope, healing, and a brighter tomorrow. Be successful against cancer, they inspire us all.


Delivering successful cancer treatments through a range of proven procedures, ensuring effective patient care, with experienced specialists dedicated to your well-being

Patients Testimonials!

Smt. Triveni, works as receptionist in Precision oncology clinic, vijayanagar is an excellent reception. She is courteous, a soft-speeking lady and never becomes angry if patient or the attendent ask why Doctor has not come after appointment time, she contacts the doctor immediately and gives the reason for the delay instead of giving a casual reply that Doctor would come A gentle receptionist

Kumara Swamy

Smt Triveni receptionist in precision oncology clinic is a soft speaking lady and never becomes angry.she is a gentle receptionist. Dr G Bharath and Dr VivekBelathur are also very polite and soft speaking persons. This clinic is very nearer to our house and convenient for us.

Lalitha SN

Really nice treatment from the front side reception counter and well support and at the closing time also they wait for checking the reports doctors are really good and awesome pleasant treatment with always smiling manner. Really got a very nice pleasant environment and doctor Vivek is well knowledged and all the other specialists also really we will get a warm welcome from clinic and plenty of courage

Devi Jyothsna

Thank you to the doctors team at Precision oncology clinic . Every step of my mother’s treatment was done with great care and support. Dr. Bharath has been very understanding and supportive. He explained each and every step in a patient manner and reassured us throughout the procedure. Special mention to the fact that he took the extra step to explain and talk to my mother with great care. Both Dr. Bharath and Dr. Vivek have been very compassionate and caring and always ready to respond to our queries. This has helped us maintain our composure . Everything was arranged quickly after my mother’ s diagnosis and very well planned. Thanks to the receptionist as well who is extremely polite and helped coordinate with the reports . Being diagnosed with cancer is heartbreaking but having a team of understanding and approachable doctors makes the fight easier. I and my family do not have words to express our gratitude to them.

Sarita Y

Dr Shyam and Dr Bharath are the kindest doctors i have encountered in my life. They understand that people going to their clinic are already under an insane amount of stress and make sure that they fill patients and care givers with confidence. You would feel at ease talking to them. They would never make you feel that you are talking to a specialist but a friend who is willing to help you get better. Doctors like Shyam and Bharath are the reason why our ancient literature says `vaidyo narayano hari`

Pavan Kowshik

My mom was asymptomatic and accidentally found a lesion, doctor Bharath explained everything well and made the patient less anxious and treated us with utmost concern . Her surgery was scheduled and her recovery was well Thanking Dr Bharath for his timely response and also the receptionist who's approach towards the patient is simple and efficient 💚 thanks mam and Bharat sir for bieng great god bless you with great success ahead.

Zee Alizu
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